Thursday, December 16, 2010

Refocus and Redirect

I've decided that I just can't deal with what may be going on with Minx and TG right now. What I mean is I just don't even want to handle this situation right now; I'd prefer to bury my head in the sand for a while and let it fade. Now, realistically I know this can't go on longer term but right now it's Christmas time and I want to refocus my energy on that and worry about the rest in 2011.

I want to redirect some energy in my life to truly giving back in 2011. This is of course the time of year when we reflect back not only on the past year but years past and think; "didn't I say I was gonna do that last year?" Believe it or not I have been selfish in years past and all my "resolutions", if you want to call them that, have been about moi. Hard to believe right? Aren't all of our New Year's resolutions about us? To be honest, in a small part even wanting to have 2011 dedicated towards service of others is in some small part about me. Can we ever truly unselfishly give to others?

I have looked in to many volunteer opportunities and ways I can contribute to a better society in 2011. I've decided to place my focus on children, more importantly homeless children; those who have run away from home and need mentoring, a person to vent to, a shoulder to cry one because they don't have parents who want to be that for them.

I don't have children, although I help co-parent TG's two teenage kids; but I have been a child who was homeless and one who lived on the streets. Perhaps in 2011 I can finally take some personal knowledge and my success story (hey I look good on paper) to help a child in crisis.

If you have made 2011 a year in which you're giving back to society, tell me what you're doing. I'd love to hear inspirational stories of what you're doing or how you've given back in years past. Please don't tell me of how you've donated money but how have you given of yourself?